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Have a question? Our Frequently Asked Questions are divided into specific categories to help you find the answers you need quickly. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Cell Phone and Consumer Electronics FAQs
Is it true that EcoPhones pays for EVERY item no matter what?
What happens to any information stored in the cell phones?
Do you accept accessories such as batteries and chargers, etc.?
Why are electronics so harmful to the environment?
Does EcoPhones accept toner cartridges?
How do I tell the difference between an ink jet cartridge and a toner cartridge?
Do we need to recharge the batteries before shipping the items?
Program FAQs
How does the EcoPhones Recycling Fundraiser program compare to other recycling fundraisers?
Is it a good idea to collect old cell phones from my local cell phone store?
How do I obtain and use cell phone collection bins?
What does EcoPhones do with the consumer electronics and metals it collects?
Shipping FAQs
Is shipping free?
How do I schedule a free pick-up?
How do I obtain more free pre-paid shipping labels?
Is there a special box I should use to ship the consumer electronics or jewelry we collect?
Payment FAQs
When can my organization expect to receive payment?
What is the potential of a cell phone and consumer electronics collection drive as a fundraising program?


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