Recycling Fundraiser: A Simple No-Cost Fundraising Solution

Founded in 2001, EcoPhones is a leader in cell phone, jewelry, laptop/netbook computer, ink jet cartridge & consumer electronics recycling & fundraising. Working with over 55,000 schools, churches, corporations and community groups throughout the United States, EcoPhones is a leader in the large scale collection of electronic waste and scrap metal.

Over the years, our original focus has evolved and expanded well beyond that of simply recycling cell phones. Approximately 50% of all recycled metals in the U.S. are derived from consumer electronics recycling. Moreover, the average U.S. household owns 25 or so consumer electronics items, e.g. iPod(s), digital camera, cell phone(s), netbook computer(s), etc. Moore’s Law, which states that the primary technologies incorporated in all of these devices doubles in speed every 18 months, drives a tremendous amount of turnover, i.e. everybody wants the latest, greatest gadget. The other 50% of recycled metals are derived from metal jewelry recycling. Shockingly, most major U.S. gold mines still utilize cyanide as a binding agent to extract gold from iron ore. By recycling broken or unwanted metal jewelry you are mitigating the devastating effects of strip / cyanide mining. On the one hand these facts, when considered together, are responsible for the growing problem of e-waste in municipal waste streams while on the other hand they represent a profitable recycling opportunity for schools, churches and other organizations.

EcoPhones' philosophy reflects a commitment to the environment and the community. T(Read our Recycling Statement). In partnership with organizations such as Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep Arkansas Beautiful, EcoPhones promotes consumer electronic waste awareness and community fundraisers across America. We have also earmarked a portion of Recycling Fundraiser equity to support charities and service groups in our community. Moreover, we intend to take an active role in helping shape legislation already under consideration related to electronic waste.

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Report on Environmental Sustainability & Terminating Ongoing Resource Excavation

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